Yvette Cohen
Rock Stack #4
Acrylic on shaped canvas
42 X 16 inches
I love walking on the beach and seeing where people have balanced stacks of rocks of different shapes, colors, and textures. Here, my balancing act of shapes, colors, and textures is on shaped canvas and mounts flat on the wall. The stack can also be framed.

The fun element of the "rocks" elicited this response on Instagram, by alan_heffez
You can lay them in a stack / but can you show their sides and backs? / Can you mount them on the wall / against a stall, out in the hall? / Arrange them like an inuksuk / and present them in a book? Or, display them in a box / spreading them with cheese and lox? / Or, stuffed inside a drawer like socks? / So many ways to work your rocks!
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