Yvette Cohen
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an Installation for Cassina
Many of my paintings are intended for
installations. This is the one I
developed for Cassina, a high-end
Italian design space in SOHO New
York. The space is about 5,000 square
feet with high ceilings and walls that
span over 35 feet. When I was invited
to exhibit my work there, I was so
inspired by the space that I chose to
create a site-specific installation. Having
no floor plans available to me, I measured
out the space. I took into consideration
that this was a showroom open to the
public and so I could not design work to
put on the floor, as I often do in the Ara
Pacis series. The ceilings have a variety
of piping, so work could not be mounted
on the ceilings. All the installation pieces
were flat and were mounted directly
on the wall.

CLICK on thumbnails to see enlarged
images and arrows below to scroll through.
These installation images will take you
on a tour from the front entrance, to the
landing at the top of the stairs.

The installation opened up the space of
this already monumental location.
Groupings of two, three or more
paintings appeared to exist in a
boundless space, activating entire walls.

On site November-December 2011.