Yvette Cohen
Dinner Guests-Two Men and a Duck (Diptych-Part 1)Dinner Guests-Two Men and a Duck 
(Diptych-Part 2)Dinner Guests-The Couple (Diptych-Part 1)Dinner Guests-The Couple (Diptych-Part 2)Dinner Guests-(Diptych-Part 1)Dinner Guests-(Diptych-Part 2)Dinner Guests-Big Onion (Diptych-Part 1)Dinner Guests-Big Onion (Diptych-Part 2)Dinner Guests-Contain Yourself (Diptych-Part 1)Dinner Guests-Contain Yourself (Diptych-Part 2)Dinner Guests-He Came Alone. No wonder.Dinner Guests-Polka-Dots w/Blue PastDinner Guests-Polka-Dots w/Brown PastDinner Guests-Polka-Dots in the MomentDinner Guests-VeniceDinner Guests-IrelandDinner Guests-Ireland (Detail)Dinner Guests-Costa RicaDinner Guests-Costa Rica (Detail)
Dinner Guests - 2012
Following a year of working on a
site-specific installation I went back
to the studio with the intention of
totally loosening up, to see what
would develop. I loosely put marks on
paper. Feeling that I needed to pull
those marks together, I made them
into silhouettes. Like a conversation,
where one word transports you to an
entirely new thought, my marks and
shapes introduced very peculiar
“Dinner Guests”.

These drawings are a total release,
or letting go, with no direction or
destination. They are about the
freedom to create.