Yvette Cohen
I make art that creates movement in
space. My oil paintings of geometric
masses of color on shaped canvas
look sculptural, but mount flat on the
wall with no need for a frame.
My drawings and paintings leave the
2-D surface to become objects in their
own right, to fluctuate between flatness
and volume, bridging the divide
between sculpture, painting and drawing.
Often grouped in diptychs, triptychs,
or more, the surrounding space is
activated, so that the entire wall
becomes the canvas. Unconventional
perspective seemingly defies gravity
in a boundless space.

Inspired by vast open landscapes,
my work is elastic. Paintings float in
space. Drawings zoom in to focus on
subtle intimate details.

I strive to work beyond the boundaries of
the familiar to have the work evolve
naturally. It’s a wabi-sabi thing. Process
is visible. Brushstrokes, and underlying
brushstrokes, reveal themselves.
Shapes are loosely filled in. It’s not
perfect. The work keeps on growing.