Painting > Cutting Space - 2015-2016

Gems III is the story of opposing elements. For a long time, in my mind, I had images of gems, with stained glass panels. For a long time I put off painting them till I could associate a relevance beyond the decorative. Inspired by images of the raw and rough Utah landscape, infused with intangible powder blue to purple skies, I began to paint to mesh unpretentious, ancient nature with a contemporary presence.

The Gems float in space. Panels seemingly protrude from the wall. Others recede into it, hinting at internal space. Contradictory color palettes are juxtaposed. Saturated, contemporary colors induce a playful, airy, optimistic anticipation. Natural, subdued colors portray a centered, calm feeling.

Yvette Cohen lives and works in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York, NY. She creates flat boldly colored shaped painting sculptures, paintings that look like sculptures, positioned to convey infinite air and unlimited possibilities.Geometric, dimension,
Gems III (Triptych)
Acrylic, oil paint and wood dowels on shaped canvas
56 X 141 inches, suggested position