Yvette Cohen
an Installation for Basta PastaDEFYING GRAVITY
an Installation for Cassina DRAWINGConstructionsProcessEarly Work
My background is in drawing and painting,
but I think sculpturally. I work with
unconventional perspective to expand
the perception of space beyond the
tangible wall. Paintings are 2-D and
mount flat on the wall. Often grouped in
diptychs, triptychs, or more, the
surrounding space is activated and the
entire wall becomes the canvas. Shapes
are canvas under wooden dowels, or
simply canvas pieces. Pieces seemingly
fluctuate between flatness and volume,
and appear to float in space. Drawings,
also about volume and space, zoom in
to focus on subtle intimate details.

So many influences inhabit me: the strong
defiantly simple shapes and colors of
Ellsworth Kelly, the serenity and
monumentality of Constantin Brancusi,
the spontaneity and deeply felt intuition
of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

I strive to work beyond the boundaries of
what is familiar. I work with the tension
between geometric and organic, volume
and flat. This tension, like life, is full of
contradictions. In this world of
contradictions, I strive to find a balance.