Yvette Cohen
I’m mischievous as I create odd
juxtapositions of colors and shapes.
I am curious to see what develops
to surprise and inspire me.
My background is in drawing and
painting, but I think sculpturally.
I feel the volume and depth of my
shapes. The shapes are canvas
under wooden dowels, or simply
canvas pieces, that mount flat on
the wall. There are no boundaries.
The space surrounding the pieces
is no less important than the pieces
themselves. Series are often grouped
in diptychs, triptychs, or more. Pieces
float in space. Process is visible.
Brushstrokes, and underlying
brushstrokes, reveal themselves.
It’s not perfect.
The work keeps on growing.

I work with the tension between
geometric and organic, volume
and flat. This tension, like life, is
full of contradictions. In this world of
contradictions, I strive to find a balance.