Yvette Cohen
Gems III (Triptych)
Acrylic, oil paint and wood dowels on shaped canvas
56 X 141 inches, suggested position
Gems III is the story of opposing elements.
For a long time, in my mind, I had images of
gems, with stained glass panels. For a long
time I put off painting them till I could associate
a relevance beyond the decorative. Inspired by
images of the raw and rough Utah landscape,
infused with intangible powder blue to purple
skies, I began to paint to mesh unpretentious,
ancient nature with a contemporary presence.

The Gems float in space. Panels seemingly
protrude from the wall. Others recede into it,
hinting at internal space. Contradictory color
palettes are juxtaposed. Saturated,
contemporary colors induce a playful, airy,
optimistic anticipation. Natural, subdued
colors portray a centered, calm feeling.
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