Yvette Cohen
Cassina Thin Air #3Thin Air #2 of 4 pieces - DetailThin Air #2 & 3 of 4 pieces - Detail Eye-to-Eye/Green (diptych) Eye-to-Eye/Pink (diptych) 3 + 2, #2 of 5 pieces - Detail 3 + 2 (pentaptych) DetailPer Aspera Ad Astra - Diptych
(Through Hardship to the Stars)Up the Stairs and Beyond - PersimmonAra Pacis Blue Gem IAra Pacis Blue Gem IIGems I (triptych)
Ara Pacis Series-Large Work
These large geometric masses of
color span entire walls. On their
own, they look sculptural and
3-dimensional, but mount flat on
the wall and sometimes even
onto the floor. Underlying layers
of color show through skins of
multiple glazes.

They seem to defy gravity as they
appear to exist in a boundless
space. Many pieces in this group
were created for a site-specific
installation spanning walls up to
37 feet long. See the next
portfolio for images of the
site-specific installation at
Cassina's New York City
SOHO location.

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