Yvette Cohen
Ara Pacis #1 Primary SpaceAra Pacis #4 In Search of Belvedere GreenAra Pacis #5, #6 Fraternal Twins (diptych)Ara Pacis #7, #8, #9 The Conversation and the Eavesdropper (triptych)Ara Pacis #11 Blue TempleAra Pacis #12, #13 The Nightmare Within (diptych)Ara Pacis #14Ara Pacis #15, 16 (diptych)Ara Pacis #17Ara Pacis Corner (in position)Ara Pacis - Yellow CornerAra Pacis - Green CornerAra Pacis - Zen CornerAra Pacis- Yellow Red Blue Corner (triptych)
Ara Pacis Series 2009-2010
This was the beginning of the Ara Pacis
Series. The title, Ara Pacis, is translated
from Latin as altar to peace. In the
beginning there were single pieces.
Later the series developed to be
diptychs, triptychs and more, where the
surrounding space is activated and is
as important as the individual shapes
and volumes. This way the entire
wall is the canvas.

They are oil paint and wood dowels,
on shaped canvas that mount flat
on the wall, and sometimes even
on the floor.

I sometimes take days to design
a shape to convey inner peace,
a temple of sorts.

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