Yvette Cohen
Free Fall (Pentaptych)Free Fall, Detail part 1of 5Free Fall, Detail part 2 of 5Free Fall, Detail part 4 of 5Wall Boxes, Horizontal positionWall Boxes #1/5Wall Boxes #3/5Wall Boxes #5/5Beachair - Red&White - Installation PositionBeachair - Red&White #2Beachair - Red&White #3Beachair - Red&White #5Beachair Detail #2Beachair - Mondrian/AlbersFolded Triangle #4Folded Triangle #7Folded Triangle #9Triple Zephyr I -TriptychTriple Zephyr I -Triptych, Part 1Triple Zephyr I -Triptych, Part 2Triple Zephyr I -Triptych, Part 3Triple Zephyr II -TriptychThin Air Blue -Diptych
Paintings 2012-2014

These paintings bridge the divide between sculpture and painting. They appear sculptural and mount flat on the wall. The space surrounding the shapes is activated so that the entire wall becomes the canvas.

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